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Race Recap


Goody's 500

Martinsville Speedway

Oct 26, 1:30 PM

Martinsville Speedway Oct 26, 1:30 PM

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Live Tweets

From @LowesRacing

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  • Due to nose damage after a restart and the decision to take the @Lowes Chevy behind the wall for repairs, @JimmieJohnson finishes 32nd.
  • White flag! #lowes48
  • Things are about to get exciting! Green flag with five laps left! #lowes48
  • Engines have been fired back up! #lowes48
  • GAME TIME! Pit or stay out?! What would you guys do? #lowes48
  • Knaus tells @JimmieJohnson to bring the No. 48 @Lowes Chevy SS to the garage stall next around to assess damage. #lowes48
  • Four tires, a round of adjustments and fuel for the #lowes48 Chevy.
  • .@JimmieJohnson will return to pit road for service next time by. #lowes48
  • Caution yellow quickly waved after the restart for the 34 car. #lowes48
  • Knaus reminds Johnson to stay in front of the 98, 26 and 7 for the free pass. #lowes48
  • Green! Green! Green! Don't count us out just yet! #lowes48
  • Leaders pit. The #lowes48 team will push down on the hood to fix the nose damage. Four tires and fuel for the No. 48 @Lowes Chevy.
  • Johnson and Knaus discuss whether or not to come down pit road now to fix the damage. JJ would like some visibility. #lowes48
  • Caution in Turn 2. #lowes48
  • .@JimmieJohnson working his way up to the free pass. He is the fifth car one lap down. #lowes48
  • RT @bobpockrass: Jimmie tells team he has damage to his nose ... Chad: "10-4. try not to hit anything else." #nascar
  • .@JimmieJohnson reports some damage to the nose after the restart. P30. #lowes48
  • Green flag at Lap 168. #lowes48
  • "Got no pressure behind back, boss. Take care of your stuff." - @BigEarl48. JJ moves up to sixth at Lap 15. #lowes48
  • Lap 10 @JimmieJohnson remains seventh. #lowes48
  • We are back to green after a brief caution! #Lowes48
  • "A little tight getting to the gas and late rolling," are @JimmieJohnson's comments on the initial run. The #lowes48 will stay out. P7.
  • RT @NASCARONFOX: Lap 4 / 500 - Caution. @AlexBRacing goes around in turn 2. #NASCAR
  • Lap 3 Caution! #lowes48
  • It's go time! We are green for today's race at @MartinsvilleSwy! #lowes48





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