Pit Reporter Jimmie

Behind the Scenes

You just might not believe this one, so we’ll just let you take a look at this classic clip of television broadcasting gold for yourself…

Have you ever seen a more exuberant Jimmie Johnson?! We sure haven’t. In these clips from 22 years ago, you get the opportunity to see a 19 year old Johnson actually pit reporting for ESPN in the SODA Off Road Series. This gig was short lived for Johnson, but not for a lack of emotion or expertise – he just had too much racing in the series to do himself!

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Take a trip down memory lane and enjoy a few minutes of fender-banging action to cure your racing bug until Team Lowe’s is back in action with some full contact bumper-to-bumper racing of their own this weekend in Talladega. You’ll even spot Jimmie in every clip…