We "Still Have the keys to the front door" at Texas!


The repave and reconfiguration of Texas Motor Speedway opened the door for a new Sheriff in town, but Jimmie Johnson had other ideas.

Earlier today the winningest driver at Texas added yet another Stetson to his hat rack with win number seven at "The Great American Speedway." 

With the impatient, fast paced racing world of "What have you done lately?" was questioning if Johnson and his No. 48 crew had lost their touch since last November's seventh Championship after a relatively slow start to the season, Jimmie gave them all a little reminder:

“I guess I remembered how to drive; and I guess this team remembered how to do it! I’m just real proud of this team. What a tough track and tough conditions. We were really in our wheelhouse and we were just able to execute all day. Thanks to everybody at Lowe’s and Chevy and the fans and a ton of sponsors. Oh, it was hot in there. I got cooked in the car today. I didn’t have any fluids so I’m not feeling the best, but we got into Victory Lane. I’m so proud of the fight in this race team. I can’t wait to celebrate during this off-weekend with my family and friends and really enjoy this.”

Jimmie also remembered how to do a heck of a burnout - after which a little No. 48 fan gave him an assist...

Following a spin in qualifying which flat-spotted the No. 48's tires, Chad Knaus and crew were forced to mount four new Goodyears and start shotgun on the field. But Johnson paced final practice on Saturday and knew he had a real hot rod in the early stages of the race:

“Oh, probably on the second or third run I knew we were in good shape. From there, off we went. It was so tough those first 23 laps in traffic. The air was very turbulent, the track wasn’t very clean, and just the way it finished now, I think we could start with what I could show. It will just take a little time for this track to age. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. But, it was an awesome day for this Lowe’s team. A big thank you to all the employees at Lowe’s. If you’re not busy this afternoon, head over to Lowe’s and pick up some stuff for your house and let’s celebrate.”

Johnson himself admitted that the new track had the potential to loosen his recent stranglehold in the Lone Star State, but the keys to the front door, and victory lane, never left his pocket...

“I thought the repave might change it, but I still think I have the keys to the front door.”