Dec 8

The “Guy from California who always wanted to race”

One week ago, Jimmie Johnson was surprised by a dear friend and gave a speech for the ages.

NASCAR celebrated their newest 7-Time Sprint Cup Champion last week in Las Vegas. Our friends at Hendrick Motorsports have you covered with the highlights from Wednesday and Thursday.

On Friday evening, Johnson was introduced to the impressive crowd gathered at the Sprint Cup Awards Ceremony by US Olympic hero (and friend of the Champ) Michael Phelps…

Jimmie then delivered a speech more from the heart than from the prompter…

In his closing line, Jimmie Johnson got the final word on the 2016 season. With it, he graciously made sure everyone knew just who he is: “I might have won as many championships as Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt, but I will never be 'The King' or 'The Intimidator.' I'm just a guy from California who always wanted to race."

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