Jimmie Makes A Cameo in Avett Brother's Video

Behind the Scenes

He may be known for going fast but we're not sure Jimmie has this pilot thing down quite yet. However, Scott and Seth Avett have no fear with him at the wheel of their most recent music video for "Ain't No Man." The video launched today on NPR and highlights "a character who is dealing with fear and his journey to do what he was born to do" according to band member Scott Avett.

For Johnson, "I’ve been friends with the guys for a few years now and thought it was really cool of them to ask me. I don’t think I’ve actually ‘acted’ in a music video before, so growing up in the MTV and VH1 era its definitely something I’ve had on my bucket list. Hopefully all of the time I spend behind the wheel of my race car translates into me being a believable pilot. It was such a neat experience and I had a blast just hanging out with Scott and Seth and the band that afternoon; it was just a lot of fun.  Hopefully all of our fans get a kick out of it and enjoy it as much as I did."

Check out the video to see Jimmie make his music video debut and be sure to pick up the Avett Brothers' new album True Sadness on June 24th: