Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?


Could it be that George Strait was actually singing about Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus with his hit “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?”

The stars at night, are big and bright, when NASCAR comes to Texas. This Saturday night, one of those stars will shine a little brighter as Jimmie Johnson revives his iconic yellow numbers (check ‘em out here).

Before last fall’s race in Texas we introduced you to “The Lowe’s Ranger.” Since then, his legend has only grown down in the Lone Star state. This weekend he looks to ride his trusty steed Silver to victory lane for the fourth straight time in Texas.

Everyone loves info graphics (right?), so here’s one to fill you in on The Lowe’s Ranger…who in case you haven’t figured it out is Jimmie Johnson.

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Can Jimmie keep the streak alive? Tune into FOX Saturday at 7:30 PM ET for some night racing action at the Texas Motor Speedway.